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The Youth Climate Summit in Skopje is a preparatory process for the ‘Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition’ meeting in Milan which is about involvement of young people in the UN climate negotiation process. Almost 400 young people from the 197 member countries of the UNFCCC will meet in Milan from 28 to 30th September to elaborate concrete proposals for the policy makers of the pre-COP26 event in Milan. These proposals will be taken forward at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021.

North Macedonia will be represented at the UN Youth Climate Summit in Milan by the two Macedonian young delegates, Angela Busheska and Naser Saliu, who were elected in a competitive process by the Italian and British Embassy in Skopje. The process that will make sure that our two young delegates will represent the views and positions of the Macedonian youth in Italy, is composed of:

1. Event: Youth Climate Summit in Skopje (10th September, Park MKC)
1.1. Event: Eco-innovation Fair
2. On-line consultation: U-report (30th August – 10th September)
2.1. Document: Youth Climate Declaration


1. Event: Macedonian Youth Climate Summit in Skopje

The Youth Climate Summit in Skopje is scheduled for 10th September 2021, at the Park MKC.

The agenda of the Youth Climate Summit in Skopje will follow the structure of the “Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition” in Milan which resolves around four major themes:

  1. Youth Driving Ambition
  2. Sustainable Recovery
  3. Non-state Actors Engagement
  4. Climate Conscious Society

Tentative agenda for the Youth Climate Summit in Skopje:

updated_Info Youth Climate Summit_EN

1.1. Eco-innovation Fair

The eco-innovations fair will be a space for individuals, NGOs, companies, faculties or other entities to showcase their innovations that help the environment and the climate in different ways. The eco-innovations can be a product, a service, digital or physical, that helps to raise awareness about climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, take climate action, and creates engagement around the issue. The participation will be confirmed via an open call and MKC is going to provide space, access to electricity and other utilities needed for proper functioning and promotion of the eco-innovations. Media, journalists, donors, and investors are going to be part of the event as a source of promotion and potential future collaboration and development of the innovations.


2. Consultation process with young people: U-report

UNICEF has the U-report tool for reaching out to young people to express their voice. Poll survey with questions will be designed, young people will register on the U-report tool and their answers will be embedded in the text of the youth climate declaration. The consultation process will start on 30th August and will have its culmination on 10th September at the Youth Climate Summit in Skopje where the text will be enriched with the discussions and debates of the Summit.

2.1 Document: Youth Climate Declaration

The Youth Climate Declaration is going to embody the key messages that young people will be advocating for and it will serve as the basis for a more elaborate action. This document should represent the voice of the Macedonian youth – and that is why an open and consultative process to include as many youth and youth organizations was designed.

After the finalization of the text of the document it is going to be sent to relevant local, national and international institutions, organizations and the media. Important to note is that the Declaration will be presented by the young delegates Angela and Naser in Italy at the Youth Climate Summit and the Youth Conference in Glasgow, UK in November 2021.

The Youth Climate Summit is a youth-led initiative supported by UNICEF and funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), organized in partnership with the Embassy of Italy, as country-host of the UN Youth Climate Summit in Milan, and the Embassy of the United Kingdom, as country-host of the UN Climate change conference in Glasgow.