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Our long-standing partner in the development of strategic climate change documents and policies, the United Nations Development Program, has provided financial and technical support under the Climate Promise Initiative and, through a comprehensive consultation and transparent process ensured the preparation of ambitious national contributions for addressing climate change.

The Government has adopted the Enhanced Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement, setting ambitiously its national goal to achieve 51% reduction of GHG emissions by 2030, compared to 1990 emissions.

This strategic document is a new, more ambitious contribution to the global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and focuses on climate change mitigation.

“The positive aspect of the adoption of this ambitious enhanced national contribution is reinforced by the fact that it determines the country’s contribution to the implementation of the EU Green Agenda and the EU Western Balkans Investment Plan and can serve as an instrument for enhanced investment,” explained the Minister for Environment and Physical Planning, Naser Nuredini.

The submission incorporates the results of the analysis on the GHG emissions reduction potential and analyzes a total of 63 policies and mitigation measures in the following sectors: Energy (including Energy Supply, Residential, Non-Specific, Industry and Transport), Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use, Waste. It also identified additional measures which serve as enablers of mitigation measures.

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